Sounds Like a Winner

It’s not ALL about the visuals, although we’ll have a good-spirited internal argument about that from time to time. Clear, crisp, precise sounds can make or break a project – especially one that doesn’t include any visuals. We are fully equipped to handle:

  • Radio Commercials We’ll make sure your message is heard loud and clear, grabbing the ear of every listener. We can even help you craft those messages to make sure you get the most out of your 15-. 30- and 60-seconds spots.

  • Voice Over Utilize our in-house studio to record the perfect track to walk your audience through your video or animation project.

  • Background Music We have the tunes to go with any project, putting the cherry on top of a great piece.

  • Jingles “Give me a break… Give me a break…” You see, jingles work! We can help you create a jingle that will have your potential clients humming your name without even realizing it.

  • Remote Connection Utilizing Source-Connect, we can help you access all corners of the networked world for daily, reliable connections over the internet.