Your Midwest Production Team

If you’re in the Midwest and in need of production support, look no further. Everything we provide to our clients is available to you, allowing to produce the same high-quality work that you do at home.
  • Equipment
    4K Sony Cameras, 1-ton and 3-ton grip truck, lighting including tungsten, HMI, LED. 6x8x12, Dana dolly, motion control, gimble stabilizers, drone

  • Crew

    We can put a crew together to help you deliver on any project and deadline. Whether you need audio engineers, DPs, grips, PAs, content creators, designers, animators and more!

  • Support Vehicles
          • 20′ Box Truck with lift gate
          • 15 passenger shuttle bus
          • 400-amp truck mounted generator
          • Makeup Trailer
          • Dodge Minivan
          • 3/4-ton Pickup
          • Honey wagon
          • 6×12 trailer

  • Power
    400-amp truck mounted generator Single-phase or 3-phase with cable and distribution

  • Locations
    1000-acres worth of farmland for shooting. Great for agricultural products with 2 working farms, wind-towers, 60×80 lockable warehouse