The Pros of Production

We make sure to have the very best equipment available to help you get any and every shot done right. Our arsenal includes:

  •   4K Sony Video Cameras
    Get the clearest, crispest shot, in every location and condition.
            • Sony F65, Fs5, A7rII Video Cameras, Motion-Control, Gimble Stabilizers, Drone
  • 3-Ton Grip Truck
    has all the goods on the go to complete any project
            • Tungsten, HMI, LED
  • Field and Stage Audio Recording Equipment,
    everything you’d expect from a multimedia production company.
            • Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, Sennheiser
  • The Crew
    All the hands and minds to pull off any and all requests.
            • Director, DP, Producer, AD, Gaffer, Makeup, Stylist, Grips